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Texas Hill Country Fallow Deer Hunts


A large population of fallow deer inhabits the hills of Cinco Canyon Ranch, located near Fredericksburg in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. These beautiful animals, originally from Europe and Asia, come in several color varieties such as: chocolate, white, and menil which is rusty with spots. Big-bodied males weigh up to 260 pounds and females weigh up to 110 pounds. Between the excitement of the hunt, our luxury accommodations, and the amazing trophy that these deer provide, we recommend putting fallow deer high on your target list.

Fallow Deer Hunts Texas

What to Expect Fallow Deer Hunting

These animals tend to prefer forest-edge habitat, and are frequently spotted during safari hunts and at feeders located near surrounding tree cover. Bucks are in hard antler mid-to-late August until late April with the rut occurring between September and February, making these the most ideal times to hunt them. Fallow deer can be hunted at Cinco Canyon Ranch over feeders or on exciting spot-and-stalk safari hunts.

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