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Frequently Asked Questions About Hunting in Texas

What is the best caliber for hunting on the Ranch?

The best caliber for hunts is based on the game you are seeking. African game and the elk require good shot placement when using non magnum calibers. Perfectly doable, but a poor shot, regardless of caliber, can result in wounded or lost game. I stress being accurate with your rifle versus a specific caliber. The ranch has a very nice range and we encourage, if not require, every hunter go there prior to hunting to confirm zero. This has paid huge dividends as it has identified rifles that were not functioning correctly, not sighted in or a hunter who needs a little help with their skills.

What if a group member needs a rifle to use?

We have accurate, quality rifles for hunters that need a rifle.

Do you have to wear blaze orange?

No blaze orange is needed on the ranch. Clothing should be based on the time of year not withstanding that it can change quickly. The most forgotten clothing is rain gear. There's nothing worse than being cold and wet.

Do I need a Texas license?

All hunters require a hunting license. Hunters currently living in TX can buy a basic license to take any game on 5CR. Out of state hunters can obtain an exotics hunting license that will be good for 5 days and allow them to take any non-native game (everything but a whitetail). Can I bring my own ATV? Or can I drive my own truck around on the ranch? We do not allow hunters to drive their own vehicles on the ranch. All hunts at 5CR are 100% guided. Should the clients want to go on a tour to take pics or what have you, we will accommodate them. 5CR is rough terrain and unsupervised clients could get themselves hurt.

Do you offer Archery hunts for Exotics and Whitetails on the Ranch?

We do not (at this time) have dedicated archery blinds. However, there are opportunities for a skilled archer to take some of the game animals on the ranch. Whether it's axis deer or trophy whitetails a skilled archery hunter will have opportunities.